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Sinaboro (시나브로) is a Korean Traditional Drumming Group at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. Sinaboro was founded in 1998, and has had members of all backgrounds learn and perform samulnori, including Korean International Students, Korean-Americans, Non-Koreans, Undergraduates, Graduate Students, Alumni and more.

Samulnori (사물놀이) is a style of traditional Korean music which originated from Poongmul (풍물), a type of music performed by farmers in villages as a way to wish for and celebrate good harvests. With roots in shamanism and farmers’ music, the style of this traditional music has evolved through the years. Poongmul was traditionally performed outdoors, but a group named SamulNori, founded in 1978 by Kim Duk Soo (김덕수), transformed poongmul into a form suitable for the modern stage. SamulNori sparked a renaissance in Korea’s traditional music scene and has acquired worldwide acclaim.


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Learn more Sinaboro, the Ultimate Korean Drumming experience at University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, and about Samulnori as a genre of music.
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Sinaboro has a diverse and strong staff that makes everything in Sinaboro possible. Learn more about them here.