Sinaboro Attends GPI Weekend Pungmul Camp!


Sinaboro was quite busy during the last Memorial Day Weekend (May 28th~29th)! Some of the members had a chance to visit Global Pungmul Institute in Chicago and learn pungmul with GPI’s awesome lineup of instructors including GPI’s Artistic Director, Byoung Sug Kim and a member of the famous traditional Korean  performing arts troupe Nan Jang & Pan, Suwan Choi. Sinaboro was able to learn a new standing piece (seonban 선반) as well as a GPI version of a well known piece. However, the most important part of the workshop was that Sinaboro, for the first time in 17 years, was able to recieve professional instruction from an outside source. This experience was very meaningful in that it raised Sinaboro’s playing level and understanding of pungmul to an entirely new level. Hope to see you again, GPI~



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