Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join Sinaboro?

Sinaboro recruits new members once a year in September. Unfortunately, due to limited number of instruments and practice locations, the number of recruits can’t be determined until the day of recruitment. Please, find us at FestiFall in the beginning of the Fall semester for more information.

Do I have to be an undergraduate at the University of Michigan to join?

Not at all. We have had, and currently do have, members that are graduate students, faculty, and alumni. Furthermore, although Sinaboro is an ethnically-driven organization, such ethnicity affiliation only applies to the music, not the composition of members.

What can I expect once I join Sinaboro?

Sinaboro is a very member-friendly organization. We try our hardest to create the best social scene in the organization, and let members build lasting friendships. In terms of time commitment, we try to burden  members as little as possible. We recognize the fact that everyone has academic responsibilities to fulfill. Mandatory events, which all members are expected to attend, include weekly practices, two overnight retreats, and the annual concert. Weekly practices are mandatory unless there are academic conflicts and/or unforeseen emergencies. As the annual concert nears, there may be several extra practices. The retreats, one Sept/October and one in March, are primarily for member socialization and practice. The annual concert is also mandatory, and is Sinaboro’s yearly finale which we spend all year working toward. Involvement at other events is determined on a case-by-case basis. We also have several social events for members only.

Is there a fee involved in joining Sinaboro?

Unfortunately, there is a membership fee, and other smaller fees associated with being a member. Sinaboro is a self-sustaining organization, primarily funded by the proceeds from our annual concert. The membership fee helps support instrument repairs, uniforms, new instrument purchases, and food and transportation for our retreats, among other costs. Although the fee may vary from year to year, the total cost associated with being a member is under $100 for the entire year.

How can I get involved in Sinaboro staff?

To be eligible for a staff position, we require a year of prior experience and membership with Sinaboro. After self-nomination, all potential candidates are interviewed and evaluated by the existing staff members. This process takes place in April of every year.

Where can I see Sinaboro perform?

Sinaboro performs at a variety of multi-cultural shows on- and off-campus. We are a regular at several on-campus shows such as SheiFest, Encompass Show and KSA Culture Show. We have visited other places, primarily in Michigan, for performances, such as Troy, Lansing, Superior County, Southfield, etc. Sinaboro also holds an annual concert in April of each year. Please check our Facebook Page page for more information.

How do I request for a performance by Sinaboro?

Please forward any performance requests to the staff members at sinastaff@umich.edu. We try to accommodate any and all performances that are within the abilities of Sinaboro and its members.

What are some performances that Sinaboro has done?

Sinaboro often performs at a variety of culture shows on campus. We have been invited to kick off many culture shows, such as SheiFest, Encompass Show, KSA Culture Show and a multi-Cultural festival held at U-M Law School. Sinaboro also had the honor of performing at the renovation ceremony of U-M Museum of Art. Outside of campus, Sinaboro has performed at the groundbreaking ceremony of Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center, at various schools, such as Bach Elementary School and Cranbrook Schools, and at cultural festivals at Michigan State University, Troy, Southfield, and more.

For more recent events, please check our Facebook page.

What is the annual Sinaboro concert  like?

It’s hard to say since the annual concert is different every year. We try to bring a variety of entertainment to the audience, ranging from samulnori, to traditional dances and modern rock bands, along with a enjoyable mini-movie. Historically, the concert has attracted about 600~700 audience, filling the entire Mendelssohn Theater. We plan to move to a larger location in the near future.

What do members say about Sinaboro?

“Sinaboro is my happiest time of the week. I can actually have fun and forget about other worries while playing samulnori. I cannot wait for the practice days and because of it, my week goes REALLY fast. The members of Sinaboro are my family in the University of Michigan and they give me comfort and pleasure in my life. Sinaboro is a great group to be in and with this group, Being in Sinaboro is the best experience that I ever had since I got here and I cannot think my life without it.” – Yoomin Jenny Shin

“I can feel that we really become one while we are playing instruments together. I love being strongly united with nice people as Sinaboro and showing our solidarity to different people in the campus. We all are well aware of what we do and so passionate and proud of belonging to Sinaboro. That is one of the many reasons I love Sinaboro.” – Sang-eun Park

“I always wanted to learn a new instrument – something like the drum – and Sinaboro gave me just the answer I was looking for. Playing Janggu is so much fun just by itself, but you can also feel great energy and passion when you play as a group on the stage. Also, it’s a great opportunity to make many friends and change the stress of college life into joy and excitement.” – Youngjin Brian Cheon